Modern China Restaurant

Client: Modern China Restaurant

Weekend Weekly

Client: New Media Group

Ms B's Cakery

Client: Ms B's Cakery

Jam Bakery

Client: Jam Bakery

Alumni Relations Office

Client: City University of Hong Kong

IELTS Personal Trainer

Client: 3 spots app

Big City Small World

Client: British Council

Learn English Elementary

Client: British Council

Harbour City

Client: Harbour City

Johanna Ho

Client: Johanna Ho

World Cup Clean Sweep

Client: 3 spots app

Between The Sheets

Client: 3 spots app

Century 21 Hong Kong

Client: Century 21 Hong Kong Litd.

U Mortgage

Client: U Mortgage Litd.


Client: MaBelle Jewellery

Client: Hong Kong Government

Optiled LED Lightings

Client: Optiled International Litd.

Mobile Usage

Client: iGPSD Litd.

Hong Kong Rabbit Society

Client: Hong Kong Rabbit Society


Client: 3 spots app

Fine Music

Client: RTHK


Client: Software & System

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